Construction Tools

BOLT STAR/Construction Innovations LLC is a manufacturing company focused on serving the construction industry through the creation of new construction methods, products and services. The company manufactures UL Listed electrical products and the award winning BOLT STAR® reusable bolt template. The company also offers a complete line of specialized services to construction companies aimed at increasing construction efficiency, cutting costs and improving a company’s bottom line, including BIM coordination and construction layout services, and Lean manufacturing consulting services.

E-Z-1 performs especially well in corrosive environments such as those found near water (fresh & salt) and mines. E-Z-1 will not conduct electricity making it ideal for cleaning and protecting electrical circuits and contacts, especially in adverse field conditions.

Hy-Brid Lifts offers a complete range of manual and self-propelled lifts in the lightweight, low level access range offering working heights up to 20ft. Some of the unique features are lightweight design, higher lifting capacities, lower entry heights, longer duty cycles, counter rotating wheels, and more.

Invented by Electricians for Electricians. For many years, iTOOLco has improved the work lives of professional electrical tradesmen through our innovative products. Our primary focus is developing products that increase safety, save time, lower worker effort, and improve results for hard-working contractors and the tradespeople they employ. iTOOLco’s ingenious tooling delivers “measurable advantages” and brings innovation to your job site.

The ORIGINAL Band Saw, set this pace in the industry. We have the blade tracking system you have come to rely on for “no wobble” straight, smooth cutting. See our other products at – including the best fire stop caulking tool in the industry.