Electrical Projects

ARCAD INC. helps creating a safer working environment for individuals who service electrical systems by providing software programs and mobile apps for short circuit fault current and arc flash hazard analysis. Electricians, contractors, OHS professionals, engineers, facility managers using the ARCAD’s software and apps perform fault current calculations, arc flash analysis and create customized arc flash warning labels meeting OSHA, NFPA 70E, CSA Z462 regulations and code requirements.

ConEst Software Systems is the trusted provider of a fully integrated and proven suite of easy-to-use software solutions used by electrical, data cabling, and low voltage contractors for their demanding takeoff, estimating, project management, and service management needs. Since 1989, the company’s high value-added products have helped these specialty contractors save time and money, maximize productivity, and grow their businesses from increased profits. ConEst’s leaders and staff are veterans of the electrical industry, and bring decades of real-world contracting and estimating experience to bear in the design, development, and ongoing enhancements of its powerful software offerings. The company’s award-winning, innovative products are packed with unparalleled features and functionality – plus they cost less than similar offerings in the market. ConEst serves more than 8,000 users, and provides its customers with unrivaled support, training, and education.

Today the Evans Bender allows electricians to make perfect offset bends in one motion without getting down in the dirt and the gravel to wrestle with a piece of conduit.

Floyd Bell Inc. manufactures and distributes the world’s most technologically advanced, highest quality, durable and maintenance-free audible alarms. Our alarms are typically used as audible alerts in a wide variety of situations. Because of the ability to customize our alarms to fit any application, scarcely a day goes by without hearing one of our alarms. Floyd Bell alarms are commonly found in automobiles, airport metal detectors, elevators, school busses, french-fryers, fork lifts and golf carts, to name just a few.

The Generator Interlock Kit is a product that allows a portable generator to be safely and conveniently connected to a home’s electrical panel. The design of the kit provides the necessary protection to keep utility workers safe while the home’s electrical system functions normally from the generator. This is achieved by providing a mechanical interlock, which acts as a manual transfer switch so that both the utility breaker and the generator breaker cannot be turned on at the same time which isolates the two systems.

Invented by Electricians for Electricians. For many years, iTOOLco has improved the work lives of professional electrical tradesmen through our innovative products. Our primary focus is developing products that increase safety, save time, lower worker effort, and improve results for hard-working contractors and the tradespeople they employ. iTOOLco’s ingenious tooling delivers “measurable advantages” and brings innovation to your job site.

OEL Worldwide is a large manufacturing company of Arc Flash Safety apparel [NFPA 70E] and Double-Insulated Hand-Tools [ASTM 1505-1] based in Colorado, USA. OEL is the leader in innovation and quality in the Electrical Safety industry. A powerhouse manufacturer of Safety Arc Flash Clothing, Double-Insulated Tools, and FR Garments, OEL continues to push the boundaries and standards of the Electrical Safety Industry.

Ronk Electrical Industries has been providing the electrical power industry with high quality electrical products for over 60 years. We have significantly contributed to rural growth and productivity since 1950 through electrical equipment engineered to operate from existing rural power lines. Today, we have expanded our offering to also include commercial products for those areas where three phase power is not available or cost prohibitive to obtain.

ROCKET RACK® is a patented, installment-ready mounting & support system for electrical conduit and process piping. It makes food and beverage-grade industry installations radically faster and more efficient.