Looking for a specific model of electrical equipment? At The Electric Barn, we stock a wide range of new, used, obsolete and hard to find circuit breakers, busways, diconnects, fuses, transformers, and other electrical supplies.

Gen-tec LLC is a manufacturer of generator controls and paralleling switchgear for CHP systems. We also offer process automation for digester systems, gas flow controls, and carbon destruction monitoring and data logging for the purpose of carbon credit documentation. Gen-tec LLC was officially formed in 2004, but our personnel have experience with generator controls and digesters since the mid-1980s.

The Generator Interlock Kit is a product that allows a portable generator to be safely and conveniently connected to a home’s electrical panel. The design of the kit provides the necessary protection to keep utility workers safe while the home’s electrical system functions normally from the generator. This is achieved by providing a mechanical interlock, which acts as a manual transfer switch so that both the utility breaker and the generator breaker cannot be turned on at the same time which isolates the two systems.

Government Liquidation is the exclusive partner of the US Department of Defense for the sale of their property to the public. Sales are conducted via our online auction platform through Internet Auctions. GL sells generators, electrical cable/wire, power & distribution equipment and much more. Visit our website for upcoming buying opportunities.

Our Core Business is Buying and Selling HVACR Equipment, Parts and Compressors, New, Surplus and Used in the Global Air Conditioning Markets. Including Buying and Selling Surplus Chillers, Cooling Towers, Roof Tops, Boilers, Generators, and Liebert Computer AC Units.

Martin machinery offers you generator sets with a wide selection of engines for standby duty, prime power, peak shaving, and cogeneration. They consist of heavy-duty industrial engines and brushless AC alternators, offering excellent performance and competitive prices.

The TA Pelsue Company is a trusted engineering and manufacturing firm that provides both customized and off-the-shelf safety equipment for confined space such as portable fall protection, rescue, and retrieval systems. For over 50 years, our products have been made in the USA and have set the standard for value and real-world durability for Power, Energy, Utility, Municipalities and contractors that prefer to get what they pay for – QUALITY.

Specializing in locating, evaluating, and securing common, and hard-to-find power supply equipment, generator sets for a multitude of applications, since 1985. We Specialize in providing the following Power Systems: Standby and Prime Power Diesel Generators, Natural Gas and L/P, Generator Ends, Automatic Transfer Switches, Enclosures and Fuel Tanks Whether buying or selling, Southwest Enterprises is the best choice for all of your alternate power supply needs.