ARCAD INC. helps creating a safer working environment for individuals who service electrical systems by providing software programs and mobile apps for short circuit fault current and arc flash hazard analysis. Electricians, contractors, OHS professionals, engineers, facility managers using the ARCAD’s software and apps perform fault current calculations, arc flash analysis and create customized arc flash warning labels meeting OSHA, NFPA 70E, CSA Z462 regulations and code requirements.

Brother Mobile Solutions offers a wide range of mobile printing and mobile desktop labeling solutions designed to help improve performance and efficiency on the road, on the shop floor and in the warehouse.

California Turbo was founded in 1967 to serve the needs of the underground utility industry by supplying innovative solutions for underground vault ventilation. Over the next several years a line of transformer cooling fans and confined space blowers were added. Today we are proud to offer a full line of transformer cooling fans and accessories; and both positive pressure and negative pressure underground vault blowers and accessories. California Turbo supplies these proven products to original equipment manufacturers, utility companies and contractors throughout the United States and around the World.

Cengage Learning is a leading provider of innovative teaching, learning and research solutions for the academic, professional and library markets worldwide. The company’s products and services are designed to foster academic excellence and professional development, increase student engagement and improve learning outcomes.

ConEst Software Systems is the trusted provider of a fully integrated and proven suite of easy-to-use software solutions used by electrical, data cabling, and low voltage contractors for their demanding takeoff, estimating, project management, and service management needs. Since 1989, the company’s high value-added products have helped these specialty contractors save time and money, maximize productivity, and grow their businesses from increased profits. ConEst’s leaders and staff are veterans of the electrical industry, and bring decades of real-world contracting and estimating experience to bear in the design, development, and ongoing enhancements of its powerful software offerings. The company’s award-winning, innovative products are packed with unparalleled features and functionality – plus they cost less than similar offerings in the market. ConEst serves more than 8,000 users, and provides its customers with unrivaled support, training, and education.

Cretex is a national family of companies built on a firm foundation of exceptional customer service and high quality products. Cretex supplies world markets with products ranging from heart pacemaker components to pre-stressed concrete bridge beams. The results of this diversification? A strong, financially stable corporation with the ability to meet the needs of a wide varirety of customers.

The Aerial Tool Bin™ for aerial platforms, scissors, and boom lifts is designed to keep hand tools and supplies organized and within a worker’s reach.

An innovative idea and a passionate commitment to success convinced Earl Emerson to establish EZ Spot Ur in 1992. In the last fifteen years, Mr. Emerson has continued to play an instrumental role in the day-to-day operations of the company he founded. He genuinely values his employees and believes they are vital to his success. A successful business is no better than the people it employs, and Mr. Emerson holds strong in his conviction that his employees uphold his commitment to an ethical and honorable working environment.

Facility Results is committed to providing custom solutions that are budget based and deliver results, time after time. We will only provide the best known process, service, or products avaiable. Our Team is made up of trained experts that have the highest knowledge in the industry and are dedicated to providing you with the superior service you need.

Floyd Bell Inc. manufactures and distributes the world’s most technologically advanced, highest quality, durable and maintenance-free audible alarms. Our alarms are typically used as audible alerts in a wide variety of situations. Because of the ability to customize our alarms to fit any application, scarcely a day goes by without hearing one of our alarms. Floyd Bell alarms are commonly found in automobiles, airport metal detectors, elevators, school busses, french-fryers, fork lifts and golf carts, to name just a few.

Gen-tec LLC is a manufacturer of generator controls and paralleling switchgear for CHP systems. We also offer process automation for digester systems, gas flow controls, and carbon destruction monitoring and data logging for the purpose of carbon credit documentation. Gen-tec LLC was officially formed in 2004, but our personnel have experience with generator controls and digesters since the mid-1980s.

Ron Harleman, owner of Harleman Mfg. started the company in 2000 after spending the previous 21 years working in the Industry. Ron brings those years of experience to every piece of equipment he manufactures. The company now sports a new facility and a staff of 11 to handle all of your agricultural and industrial drill and auger needs.

Hercules Industries brings to you the most complete line of solid brass tumbler pin padlocks available to serve the needs of utilities, municipalities, industry, pipelines, refineries and government. Our locks are precision crafted out of solid brass to withstand inclement weather conditions.

Martin machinery offers you generator sets with a wide selection of engines for standby duty, prime power, peak shaving, and cogeneration. They consist of heavy-duty industrial engines and brushless AC alternators, offering excellent performance and competitive prices.

WE KNOW WHAT’S AT STAKE. Unpredictable work environments are often part of the job. That’s why it’s critically important to have the right safety equipment at the moment it matters most. MSA’s complete lines of safety solutions help protect those workers at the heart of your operation.

Pexheat is a proud designer and wholesaler of electric floor warming, electric radiant heating systems and electric snow melting systems. Watts Radiant HeatWeave and WarmWire offer easy affordable solutions for Electric floor warming. Watts Radiant SlabHeat provides a high power electric radiant floor heating solutions and ProMelt creates an easy affordable electric snow melting system. Contact us for a Free heat loss calculation and estimate. We offer uncompromising integrity. Pexheat – because “we get it”.

PowerMate® Motorized Stair Climbing Hand Trucks do 100% of the lifting for you, virtually eliminating the risk of back injury while reducing the effort to move heavy, awkward loads by more than 87%! Items which require 2 or 3 men to move conventionally can be moved by one man using a PowerMate®.

I set out to design and manufacture a backbox capable of reducing ground faults and short circuits by accommodating the more significant space requirements of modern fire alarm signaling devices. At present, the 5 Square® box is rapidly gaining popularity. Industry testing supports significant reductions in troubleshooting and warranty work in those projects where the 5 Square® box was utilized. In fact, the 5 Square® is endorsed by Wheelock as an efficient installation solution for their products.

Finally, a multimeter that lets you do so much more than the old yellow box. The revolutionary iDVM™ Multimeter is the first digital iOS and Android-enabled multimeter that allows you to easily capture, store and share data! The iDVM digital multimeter makes measuring and utilizing voltage, current, and resistance data much, much easier than any product on the market. With its unique, advanced features, the iDVM will facilitate your work, save you time, and increase your productivity.

Ronk Electrical Industries has been providing the electrical power industry with high quality electrical products for over 60 years. We have significantly contributed to rural growth and productivity since 1950 through electrical equipment engineered to operate from existing rural power lines. Today, we have expanded our offering to also include commercial products for those areas where three phase power is not available or cost prohibitive to obtain.

Ross Engineering Corporation of Campbell, California designs, manufactures and tests a wide range of high voltage electronic and elctro-mechanical devices, including: Relays, Probes, Voltmeters, Voltage Dividers, Switches, Breakers, Systems, Controls, Energy Sources and Saftey Equipment that are marketed worldwide.

Steelman Capacitors are engineered for heavy-duty, trouble-free use. Steelman capacitors are built with components that meet or exceed industry standards. The result is an extended life expectancy and outstanding performance in harsh environments. Steelman offers three-phase capacitor cells that have a rated life of 150,000 hours, as well as a design of single-phase capacitors wired in a three-phase delta configuration. This allows replacement of just one phase instead of all three phases of a capacitor. Steelman capacitors are also UL Listed.

The ORIGINAL Band Saw, set this pace in the industry. We have the blade tracking system you have come to rely on for “no wobble” straight, smooth cutting. See our other products at Stouttool.com – including the best fire stop caulking tool in the industry.

Superior Signals Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of quality warning products, electrical components and accessories for heavy duty, mining, and industrial vehicle industries.

TG Industries, Inc. has a dedicated work force that produces quality products. Our main product line is Armlift, a one man aerial device that has been manufactured since 1975. Current models in production are the TK Series with a working height of 41′ to 46′, the Telescoping Lifts with working heights from 29′ to 36′ and the Articulating models with working heights from 36′ to 38′. Armlift is sold in the United States and exported worldwide through direct sales and a dealer network of about 65 dealers. Complete factory installations are available.

TNT Leasing has been in business selling quality used trucks and equipment since the 1970s. If you do not find what you are looking for on this website, please contact us. Our inventory changes frequently.

Our retrofit Split Sleeve has saved hours of downtime and labor by its ability to be installed around existing cables that violate fire codes. Neat, clean, efficient and inexpensive. The Smooth Penetrator is a complete System including all hardware as well as intumescent putty. Powder coated RED.

With 25 years of experience in the electrical construction industry, Wahoo Innovations, Inc. was created by an electrical contractor to manufacture and sell an award-winning tool called The Pole Dancer™. It is designed to set up to a 40’, 800 lb. light pole and promises to save contractors time, labor and money.