Products Made In America

Founded in 1967 as a local distributor of wire products, Allwire quickly developed a reputation as a quality supplier of wire and cable. Based on the years of experience in the wire and cable industry, manufacturing soon become the primary focus of the company. Today, the company regularly produces shielded and non-shielded control tray cables up to 500 MCM in size, custom cables, and HDPE conduit up to 4″ O.D.

Create a weather-tight conduit, pipe or line-set seal for roof and wall penetrations without the use of sealants or caulking. Won’t rust or corrode or conduct heat and cold like metal does. Our Sigrist Exit Seals™ are injection molded from ABS resin that is both impact and UV resistant. The gaskets we use are made from long lasting EPDM rubber.

In 1986, American Connectors opened their doors in Fort Worth, Texas as a manufacturer of quality Metal Clad (MC) cable connectors to the electrical industry. The Per Fit line of MC cable connectors was developed to offer a connector that was internally machined to securely fit on a cable without the use of internal springs, retaining rigs, or any other separate internal holding device.

Our company was founded in 1898 in Boston, Massachusetts, by Mr. R. T. Miller, Jr., as American Technical Society (ATS) to publish instructional materials to be used by the American School of Correspondence, which was founded by Mr. Miller in 1897. Mr. Miller founded these companies based on the belief that all Americans should have the opportunity to receive a high school diploma and learn the job skills required to prepare them for the working world.

Autac is a manufacturer of high quality coiled cords, or what are often referred to as curly cords. Since 1947, Autac has been producing custom manufactured retractile cords to meet various applications and specifications.

E-Z-1 performs especially well in corrosive environments such as those found near water (fresh & salt) and mines. E-Z-1 will not conduct electricity making it ideal for cleaning and protecting electrical circuits and contacts, especially in adverse field conditions.

Elk River is manufacturer and supplier of a premium line of fall protection equipment. For over 28 years our harnesses and lanyards have been made in the USA and are trusted by industry leaders around the world. Our knowledgable customer service team is ready and able to assist you with any of your fall protection questions or needs.

Emerson Manufacturing produces top quality jacks and safety equipment for all your shop needs. 100% made in the USA.

Ericson is the industry leader in electrical safety products; we design and manufacture portable power distribution units, lighting, GFCI’s, wiring devices, and other related products with a commitment to safety, ease of use and reliability

Erin Rope is a leading domestic manufacturer of high quality pulling rope & pulling tapes for the telecommunications, utility and electrical markets. Erin Rope sets itself apart from the competition by offering consistent quality and comprehensive customer service at extremely competitive prices.

An innovative idea and a passionate commitment to success convinced Earl Emerson to establish EZ Spot Ur in 1992. In the last fifteen years, Mr. Emerson has continued to play an instrumental role in the day-to-day operations of the company he founded. He genuinely values his employees and believes they are vital to his success. A successful business is no better than the people it employs, and Mr. Emerson holds strong in his conviction that his employees uphold his commitment to an ethical and honorable working environment.

Floyd Bell Inc. manufactures and distributes the world’s most technologically advanced, highest quality, durable and maintenance-free audible alarms. Our alarms are typically used as audible alerts in a wide variety of situations. Because of the ability to customize our alarms to fit any application, scarcely a day goes by without hearing one of our alarms. Floyd Bell alarms are commonly found in automobiles, airport metal detectors, elevators, school busses, french-fryers, fork lifts and golf carts, to name just a few.

The Generator Interlock Kit is a product that allows a portable generator to be safely and conveniently connected to a home’s electrical panel. The design of the kit provides the necessary protection to keep utility workers safe while the home’s electrical system functions normally from the generator. This is achieved by providing a mechanical interlock, which acts as a manual transfer switch so that both the utility breaker and the generator breaker cannot be turned on at the same time which isolates the two systems.

Hy-Brid Lifts offers a complete range of manual and self-propelled lifts in the lightweight, low level access range offering working heights up to 20ft. Some of the unique features are lightweight design, higher lifting capacities, lower entry heights, longer duty cycles, counter rotating wheels, and more.

LearnLab manufactures high quality, hands-on training systems for all major industrial applications. Electrical Motor Controls, Lock-Out Tag-Out, Programable Logic Controls and Variable Frequency Drives are just a few of the great trainers LearnLab offers. We also offer an Electrical Wiring trainer that is great for classroom use at the High School level.

Mastery partners with leading video content providers to co-produce the largest, standardized, workplace e-learning library available. Mastery’s e-learning content has been successful with organizations across industries, including general industry, manufacturing and construction.

Mastery Technologies established the e-learning industry’s first Training Content Network. Mastery goes beyond connecting customers with content, by pro-actively supporting both customers and content partners. In this way Mastery fulfills its mission of helping build more successful, effective and amazing organizations.

Miller Safety Consultants has been providing cost-effective safety services and products for over 15 years. We have assisted business in the development of electrical safety programs, performing training and providing top quality electrical safety products.

Nehrwess Inc. manufactures conduit riser brakets for the utility and telecom industries.

Pelco Products, Inc. is an Oklahoma based, family-owned business specializing in designing, engineering, manufacturing and distributing the finest products. Founded in 1985 with five employees, Pelco now employs over 350 team members in 315,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Pelco is dedicated to serving its two primary markets, Traffic and Utility globally through Innovative Solutions, Quality Products & Unparalleled Customer Service.

The TA Pelsue Company is a trusted engineering and manufacturing firm that provides both customized and off-the-shelf safety equipment for confined space such as portable fall protection, rescue, and retrieval systems. For over 50 years, our products have been made in the USA and have set the standard for value and real-world durability for Power, Energy, Utility, Municipalities and contractors that prefer to get what they pay for – QUALITY.

Today, Pengo is the largest manufacturer of augers and related wear parts in the world, serving the utility, construction, agriculture, foundation, and major worldwide OEM customers. Our products are available through a network of over 500 dealers and OEM manufacturers. The product line has expanded to include a complete line of foundation drilling equipment and hydraulic drive units for drilling and anchor installation.

Pexheat is a proud designer and wholesaler of electric floor warming, electric radiant heating systems and electric snow melting systems. Watts Radiant HeatWeave and WarmWire offer easy affordable solutions for Electric floor warming. Watts Radiant SlabHeat provides a high power electric radiant floor heating solutions and ProMelt creates an easy affordable electric snow melting system. Contact us for a Free heat loss calculation and estimate. We offer uncompromising integrity. Pexheat – because “we get it”.

POWERAM builds systems for installing and replacing underground utility lines. New installations are made by pushing under the roadway and pulling the new utility back. Replacement work is done by pulling a pipe bursting or pipe splitting tool though the existing pipe followed by the new pipe. Our standard products include hydraulic rod pusher/puller machines (pipe pushers), portable hydraulic power units and related equipment.

The RodRam ground driving tool was designed to be the only tool needed to drive a standard 8′ ground rod and will work with 1/2″ – 5/8″ or 3/4″ rods. The RodRam is constructed of high quality hot rolled steel that is polished and protected by 2 coats of clear enamel paint. The NMIC Corp offers a lifetime warranty on this tool.

S-P Products Inc

For Over 50 Years provide quality innovative, Made in USA products, invented by Highly Experienced Electricians to help Contractors do their jobs…Safer…Better…Faster with LESS material to be more profitable and competitive! Proud to be the installers’ friend and long-time supporter of contractor training programs since 1966. We honestly, care and promise excellent service!

Schonstedt is celebrating its 60th year of providing underground locating instruments to the electrical power industry. Schonstedt offers both magnetic locators and pipe and cable locators that quickly and accurately locate buried power cables, pipes, and distribution services. Our magnetic locators detect buried enclosures, splice boxes, hardware, transformers, vaults or switch gear at maximum depths of 10-15 feet. Schonstedt pipe and cable locators detect the path and depth of power cables and metal conduit or duct banks at a maximum depth of 20 feet. Our Combination Kits combine the best of both worlds – all in one handy case.

SEPCO is the worldwide leader in solar lighting and off grid solar power systems. We are helping the world go green by taking the lights off the grid. SEPCO founder Steve Robbins invented the first solar street light in 1979. As demonstrated through thousands of projects around the world, SEPCO solar light systems feature rugged commercial-grade construction combined with unparalleled quality, performance, reliability, 25+ year system life expectancy and the best warranty in the business.

Strip Technology manufactures and sells Wire Strippers for all types of industries. Our patented wire strippers are built to last and are quite affordable. We are the exclusive North American distributors for JMC Recycling Systems, the manufacturer of the popular and authentic McIntyre Shear. The McIntyre Shears are a must in the recycling community. JMC Recycling also sells a wide range of equipment specific for the Recycling Industry.

Superior Essex International LP is a leading manufacturer and supplier of energy cable and accessory products serving the Commercial, Industrial, and Utility markets. Low Voltage 300V and 600V instrumentation cables for control systems, audio, intercoms, energy management, and alarm controls; Low Voltage 600V control and power cables for industrial or utility power or station control circuits; and Medium Voltage 5kV through 46kV power cables for primary power and distribution circuits. Superior Essex is a trade name for Superior Essex International LP and other companies of Superior Essex Inc.

Surge Suppression Incorporated® (SSI), founded in 1982, is a power quality products manufacturer with the industry’s most admired 25 Year Warranty. Setting the standards for quality, performance and customer satisfaction, SSI is your surge protection solution! Home of the Advantage® Series.

Tech Products manufactures and distributes a wide range of identification and safety products including the Everlast® brand. Everlast® products are made of thick, high impact polyolefins with copy and pictograms that are permanently embedded and impervious to sun, wind, rain, fumes, acid and alkali solutions, salt water, temperature variations, and humidity. Everlast signs, tags and markers are installed in the most demanding environments on earth.

Established in 1953, the StressCrete Group is the oldest, most experienced manufacturer of spun concrete poles in North America producing an extensive line of ornamental and street lighting standards, power distribution and transmission poles, sports lighting poles, as well as a line of specialty poles which are ideally suited for camera and solar applications as well high-mast lighting. We also manufacture high-quality decorative outdoor lighting fixtures, fabricated metal poles, arms, and site furnishings under the King Luminaire name.

thermOweld® is the leading USA supplier of innovative electrical grounding, lightning and cathodic protection products, supporting infrastructure projects in over 55 countries worldwide. We are part of Continental Industries, founded 1958, with ISO 9001 factories in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area supporting UL and IEEE837 compliance.

ROCKET RACK® is a patented, installment-ready mounting & support system for electrical conduit and process piping. It makes food and beverage-grade industry installations radically faster and more efficient. 

We offer an extensive line of products for all of your outdoor lighting applications. We are your one source for lighting poles, brackets, and expert custom fabrication. We are your quick-ship solution with over 30,000 mast arms, poles, and brackets in stock. With competitive pricing and a staff dedicated to complete customer satisfaction, you’ll soon discover the important role quality people play in producing quality products.

With 25 years of experience in the electrical construction industry, Wahoo Innovations, Inc. was created by an electrical contractor to manufacture and sell an award-winning tool called The Pole Dancer™. It is designed to set up to a 40’, 800 lb. light pole and promises to save contractors time, labor and money.

Yale Cordage is a leader in rope products for the Power Utility Industry. Chosen by leading manufacturers as OEM standard on the best conductor handling and stringing equipment and specified by leading utilities for winchlines. Yale Cordage continues to bring new innovation in rope tools, handlines, winch lines and stringing lines to power utility contractors and providers.