Cretex is a national family of companies built on a firm foundation of exceptional customer service and high quality products. Cretex supplies world markets with products ranging from heart pacemaker components to pre-stressed concrete bridge beams. The results of this diversification? A strong, financially stable corporation with the ability to meet the needs of a wide varirety of customers.

Ron Harleman, owner of Harleman Mfg. started the company in 2000 after spending the previous 21 years working in the Industry. Ron brings those years of experience to every piece of equipment he manufactures. The company now sports a new facility and a staff of 11 to handle all of your agricultural and industrial drill and auger needs.

POWERAM builds systems for installing and replacing underground utility lines. New installations are made by pushing under the roadway and pulling the new utility back. Replacement work is done by pulling a pipe bursting or pipe splitting tool though the existing pipe followed by the new pipe. Our standard products include hydraulic rod pusher/puller machines (pipe pushers), portable hydraulic power units and related equipment.

Schonstedt is celebrating its 60th year of providing underground locating instruments to the electrical power industry. Schonstedt offers both magnetic locators and pipe and cable locators that quickly and accurately locate buried power cables, pipes, and distribution services. Our magnetic locators detect buried enclosures, splice boxes, hardware, transformers, vaults or switch gear at maximum depths of 10-15 feet. Schonstedt pipe and cable locators detect the path and depth of power cables and metal conduit or duct banks at a maximum depth of 20 feet. Our Combination Kits combine the best of both worlds – all in one handy case.

TSE International designs, manufactures and markets conductor handling equipment for use in the construction and maintenance of electrical transmission and distribution lines, and telecommunications/ fiber optic projects. The TSE product line includes a complete range of overhead and underground pulling units, tensioners, stringing blocks, swivels, ropes and other accessories. TSE is also the manufacturer of the Timberland Tree Trimmer, a leader in right-of-way maintenance equipment.

Yale Cordage is a leader in rope products for the Power Utility Industry. Chosen by leading manufacturers as OEM standard on the best conductor handling and stringing equipment and specified by leading utilities for winchlines. Yale Cordage continues to bring new innovation in rope tools, handlines, winch lines and stringing lines to power utility contractors and providers.